Committee details

Standards Committee

Purpose of committee

All Councils must demonstrate high standards of conduct through the actions of all Members and Officers and, as part of ensuring these standards are met, are required by law to have a Standards Committee. In broad term the Standards Committee seeks to promote, monitor and enforce probity and high ethical standards within the District Council and Town and Parish Councils within the district of East Lindsey.


The Standards Committee is responsible for:

  • Promoting and maintaining high standards of conduct by Councillors and Co-opted Members;
  • Advising the Council on the adoption or revision of the Members' Code of Conduct;
  • Monitoring the operation of and assisting Councillors and Co-opted Members to observe the Members' Code of Conduct;
  • Advising, training or arranging to train Councillors and Co-opted Members on matters relating to the Members' Code of Conduct;
  • Granting dispensations to Councillors and Co-opted Members from requirements relating to interests set out in the Members' Code of Conduct;
  • Initial assessment of complaints about Members and reviewing decisions to take "no action";
  • Conducting determination hearings in respect of alleged breaches of the Code of Conduct;


Contact information

Support officer: Cath Pearson. Member Services Officer

Postal address:
Democratic Services
Tedder Hall
Manby Park
Louth Lincolnshire
LN11 8UP

Phone: 01507 613421